Strong, attractive, recyclable: all sides of our packaging!

In order to provide the maximum protection of our products we use the most innovative packaging solutions particularly selected   for their design and materials. In the stores the good quality of our apples is enhanced by a distinctive, polished and functional packaging.

Moreover we are very committed to  sustainability practices: we always try to create the most eco-friendly packaging  in order to ensure our customers not only apples of excellent quality but also the greatest safety of our packaging and stickers.


  • Carton box 1 layer
  • Carton box – 1 layer
  • Carton box – 2 layers
  • Carton box – 2 layers
  • Wooden box – loose
  • Traypack – 5 layers
  • Fruitbox - loose
  • Fruit bags
  • Food Tainer
  • Reusable plastic container


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