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General information
This website is managed by the B&B FRUTTA SRL , a company subject to the provisions of Italian law. The site can be accessed from all the countries around the world. As each of these countries has laws that may differ from Italian laws, those accessing this site accept that Italian legislation is the only law applicable for any questions deriving from or inherent to use of this site or its content.

Gathering and use of Personal Information
B&B FRUTTA SRL uses cookies to record your preferences and to create a corresponding website. Cookies are used for statistical analysis on site use and to allow various services to function that require user path identification through the pages viewed. Cookies cannot be traced to the user's personal data. Personal cookies, which enable identification of the person through database cross-referencing and are used to speed up identification for access to reserved access sections on the site and to determined personalized services (e.g. competitions), are only used for those users who have already given their authorization on registration. Most browsers are set to receive cookies. If users prefer, they can modify their settings, but this may exclude some of the site functions.

Copyright and any other rights linked and relative to text, pictures, sounds and any other material published on this site belong to the B&B FRUTTA SRL, which is their proprietor or has been authorized by the rightful owners. Any reproduction, even partial, of this site is forbidden, unless this is for home use, or for personal or cultural information. Any material reproduced from the site for these purposes must however bear a copyright notice. No total or partial reproduction of this site may be sold or distributed for commercial purposes, nor modified or incorporated into any other work or publication, whether printed or electronic, including therefore posting on other sites. Unauthorized use, or any use that contravenes the law, shall be lead to civil and criminal charges made by B&B FRUTTA SRL.

Brand names
All the brand names that appear in this site are the property of by B&B FRUTTA SRL, or used under licence/with the consent of their proprietor. Any reproduction for the public is forbidden. These brand names include, without any limitation, the ”name”, “logos”, “product names” and “slogans”. Unless authorised by by B&B FRUTTA SRL, use of any brand name on this site is forbidden and constitutes an act of fraud punishable by law.

The information in this site has been entered in good faith with the sole aim of providing general information, with no guarantees given for its accuracy or completeness. The photos of the products are intended merely by way of illustration.

INFORMATIVE NOTES IN COMPLIANCE WITH Italian legislative decree no. 196 of 30/6/2003 (CONSOLIDATED PRIVACY LAW)
Users must carefully read the following information notes to find out more about the behavior code adopted by B&B Frutta SRL regarding protection of personal data. Use of our site entails acceptance of the regulations given. We however reserve the faculty to change these at any time, subject to a communication sent to users.

B&B Frutta SRL gathers and uses its users' personal data in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30/6/2003, in order to guarantee that processing of said data completely respects the rights, fundamental liberties and dignity of people. Pursuant to and in accordance with article 13 of the above decree, we inform you that the data you have provided via this site will be processed in compliance with the obligations of privacy, lawfulness and transparency laid down by the legislation, protecting the rights of each user.

In compliance with art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30/6/2003, given below, each user has the right at any time and free of charge, to ask for information regarding the data provided, their processing methods and purposes, and to request their modification and/or cancellation or refuse their further use and finally to obtain information about initiatives in which he or she is participant. To do so, or to have further information about methods used to gather and use personal data, or for questions and/or suggestions, users can write to:

B&B Frutta SRL
Via Ca’ di Capri, 107 – Bussolengo 37012 (VR).
The holder of the processed information is:
B&B Frutta SRL, Via Ca’ di Capri, 107 – Bussolengo 37012 (VR), in the person of the legal representative Mr. Loredano Brentegani.


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